From NEW BOOK — Shadow Creatures

Shadow Creatures – The Past Hunts

By Aliya Leigh

Chapter 1

E jumped out her bed with knots in her stomach and a headache.  The pressure was getting to her.  She ran to the only room that she felt safe in and hopped into bed with a teenage boy with thick black hair and defined smooth skin.  His nakedness, she was used to. She laid next to him in a lover’s embrace. She closed her eyes and felt safe from the nightmares.

The boy smiled and embraced her touch, with a quick glance and a sigh, he pulled her closer.

Heavy footsteps are outside the room without notice. A strong wind almost tore down the door and the couple is startled.  They sat up in fear.

“What are you doing?” The black smoke asked with a dark voice of evil while changing its form.

“I had a headache and I needed to sleep with Eric,” E said as the terror stayed in her soul.

Eric looked up at the ceiling and shook his head as he rolled his eyes. “Come on, really?”

The black smoke transformed into a man of 6 feet, bold, strong and dark. He wore a monk black robe and his eyes sockets were hollow.

“You know this is forbidden. A sin,” the dark monk said.

“Whatever. She’s my sister,” Eric said.

“Eric please don’t do this,” E said.

Eric looked at her, “He’s just a bully”.

Another figure of black smoke raced in the room and laid on the bed in front of Eric.  The smoke transformed into a mean woman in her early 40’s. Her blue eyes pierced into Eric’s blue eyes and she slapped him and left a hand print on his face.

E disappeared without a trace.

Eric looked at the woman and said, “Yes, mother”.

“You know, this is unacceptable. How many times do I need to tell you this?” Eric’s mother asked.

“It won’t happen again, but she is stressed and you can see that,” Eric said.

“I am your mother and I make the rules for this family. My rules are: One, you can’t sleep with each other. Two, you can’t be in the same room. Three, can’t hold hands. Four, can’t look at each other. Simple rules.”

“Mother, she’s my twin sister and we live under the same roof. How can we obey those rules?” Eric asked.

“You two are smart, you figure it out. Plus, put some clothes on”, she ordered.

“Mother, please. This is my room,” Eric said.

“And this is my house,” Eric’s mother said.

The monk floated away and as Eric’s mother walked out.

Eric laid his head on the pillow, “What the hell?”

E woke up from her slumber, it was time to go to school. She wanted to see her brother but that was forbidden.

She staggered out of her queen size Old English wooden bed and her feet firmly on her old brown wooden floor.

She walked out her room and went into the bathroom to take a hot shower. She lathered herself with soap, all over her body because she needed to be clean not because she smelt, to kill pain and shame inside of her.

She went back to her room and put on her school uniform, short navy blue skirt, a white shirt, navy blue and red striped tie and her navy blue jacket with the school logo sketch on the front of her jacket. She looked in the mirror and saw a hollow girl who was staring back with evil and dread in her heart. She brushed her long black hair and tied it in a ponytail. The image smiled back at her.

She put on her white tights and her winter boots that hugged and snuggled her feet.

She walked downstairs and bypassed the kitchen, her brother was there.  She went to the front door and put on her winter wool navy blue coat and walked out of the house.

She was free and a black town car was waiting to take her to her salvation.

E stood in front of her school, Saxton Garden High.  The school dripped with wealth and the students were highly wealthy and would die to get into the school, but for her family it was not a problem because this was actually her school. She walked through the doors. The walls were painted in 24 karat gold, elaborately laid out diamonds and jade and the floor was made out of gray marble. It was a school for the super-rich and elite.

E walked down the hall towards her first class as someone called out her name. She stopped with a sigh and rolled of the eyes.

“Oh my gosh E we need to talk,” a blonde haired, blue eyed child-like girl shouted.

The girl ran up to her. E looked at the girl, “K what do you want?”

“My gosh, I can’t stand this state. I don’t like it. I want to go back home. Why I am still here? I want to be in the warm weather watching the hot guys surfing. I can only dream right now. You should know, why does your mother want us here.  My parents already finished their projects on Broadway, so why are we still here?” K asked.

E looked into K’s eyes, “I don’t know why K but if you really want to go back to California, please do it.” E said.

“E, you know I can’t go back to California without my parents and my brother”, K said.

“So get over it already,” E said.

“You should know why we are here,” K said.

“I don’t know. Now leave me the heck alone,” E said and continued to walk down the hallway toward her class.

“Stop.  Ok. I’m sorry.” K said.

E stopped as K ran up to her.

“What’s wrong?  Usually, you give me the silent treatment?” K asked.

“I am so sorry about my complaining, but I miss home, the beach and the warm weather,” K continued.

“K, I am just tired and I can’t see my brother. I don’t want to be here, so I can feel your pain, but we have no choice.  Last night, I slept with Eric and he got punished. My mother slapped him in the face. With all the pressure and stress that I am under, now I have to deal with this.  I feel your pain but there’s nothing that we can do about it. I am not privy to that information. I don’t know why it is forbidden to see my brother and I don’t know why, your family can’t go back to California,” E said.

A boy who looked like death walked past E and K.

“Max,” K yelled.

Max gave her the middle finger and walked away.

K looked at E, “Oh my gosh, that’s so rude.”

“Well, I have to go. Bye K,” E said.

She continued to walk towards her class, as she dragged her feet. Eric was there.

She walked into the classroom and took the seat far way for Eric and looked at the cold weather outside through the window. She didn’t have the heart to look at him.

Their English teacher walked in looking like a pioneer woman from the frontier in her 30’s with her hair in a bun.

“Students, students.  I have an announcement,” the teacher said.

A good-looking handsome boy with dark hair, dark eyes, and a chiseled face walked into the classroom. Mature but like a boy was still boyish in his little uniform. E glazed at his looks. His dark brown eyes grabbed her attention.

“This is a new student. His name is Sebastian Glantz. Please clap to welcome Sebastian,” the teacher said.

The class clapped as E studied his every move.

Sebastian took a seat next to E. E looked at his hands, they were strong and smooth. His nails were manicured. She knew, he came from money but didn’t recognize his name.

Class started and E took quick glances at him from time to time. Her heart was pounding out her chest and she felt fire in her soul.

“Class, I want you to a literary report of something significant that happened in the past and what we can learn from it. You have a week and you will be working with a partner.  E will you be able to help Sebastian?” The teacher asked.

E couldn’t speak, she nodded.

“Good,” the teacher said.

As the teacher was putting the students in pairs, E hands were wet and her stress level was high.  She began to write her information on a piece of paper.

After class, E handed Sebastian the paper, “This is my information. For an easy A, we can write about the women’s right to vote.  My Aunt Megan is a Sociology Professor at NYU.  She specializes in Women’s Rights.  She has studied it so much, like she was there,” E said.

“Ok. Easy A, perfect”, Sebastian said.

“Cool.” E said.

“When do you have lunch?” Sebastian asked.

“6th period.”

“Me too. Do you want to eat with me?” Sebastian asked.

“Of course. Yes.  That would be great.  We can talk more about the project,” E said.

“Of course. Well, I need to find my next class.”

“What is it?”


“Go down the hall and make a left. You can’t miss the class. Mr. Mudd stands in front of the door before class begins.”

“Thanks.  I will see you at lunch,” Sebastian said.

She left the classroom as her eyes followed his steps.  She wanted to faint.

In the hallway, K ambushed her.

“What do you want?” E asked.

“Well, well, well,” K said.

“I just spoke to you,” E said.

“You look flushed. Why? New boy?” K asked.

“His name is Sebastian. How do you know?” E asked.

“Because I saw you in class, staring at him.”


“I wanted to understand the you and Eric thing,” K said.

“Just leave it alone. I’m sorry, I told you. Just go away. Don’t you have drama now?”

“Yes.  He is dreamy.  Plus, the right to vote for women. Really? That’s an easy A. Come on, you should challenge yourself,” K said.

“Instead of auditing my classes, you should attend your own. We are not supposed to be ourselves in public, remember.  The rules,” E said.

“I know. But, I was worried,” K said.

“Just go,” E yelled.

“Are you on your period?” K asked.

E looked at her and teeth started too transformed into sharp jagged fangs.

“Okay. Okay. I’m leaving.” K said and skipped down the hall.

At lunch, in the lunchroom E sat at a table with her tray of food waiting for Sebastian.  He was able to find her in the mist of all the students in prep uniforms as they talked about their wealth and high society.

“Hi,” Sebastian said as he sat down.

“How’s the first day of school so far?” E asked.

“Ok.  Nothing to complain about.”

“Good,” E said.

“Hello. Sebastian,” K said with a tune.

“Yo, my man. Yo, broa,” Chris said.

E rolled her eyes.

“Sebastian, please forgive me.  These are my cousins, Chris and K. They are twins from California. Unfortunately, we are related,” E said while the twins sat at their table.

“So, bro. Where you from, yo?” Chris asked. He looked like a broke gangta rapper in a monkey suit.

“I have lived around the world with my fathers. We just settled here in Long Island,” Sebastian said.

“Fathers?” K asked.

“Yes. My fathers are gay.  I was adopted as a young child”, Sebastian said.

K jumped up and stuffed Sebastian’s head in her large chest.

“Poor boy,” K said with the dramatics.

“K, leave the boy alone,” E said.

“I wanted to show him so love,” K said as a tear ran down her face.

“Yo, E. Chill,” Chris said.

“Shut up and leave. Now,” E stated.

“Ok. I need to be with my drones anyway.  Like, I can see them now. They don’t know what to eat first without my approval,” K said and left with her tray of food.

E stared at Chris while he was eating as if the food was going to grow legs and walk.

With the dead silence, Chris looked up and looked into E’s emerald green eyes.

“What?” Chris asked.

Without a word, he got up and left.

She turned her attention to Sebastian and said, “Sorry about that.”

“No. No problem. I don’t mind. I don’t have any close family,” Sebastian said.

“You are lucky. K and Chris are twins.  They live in California and New York City.  Their parents are actors and directors. Max the sick looking boy is my favorite cousin.  And then, you have my twin brother. He doesn’t have lunch with me,” E said.

“I’m the only child and I just have my two dads. Are you ok with me having two dads?” Sebastian asked.

“Of course, why should I care?”

“Well, the other school did and that’s why I am here,” Sebastian said.

“You won’t have a problem here. Some of the students don’t know who their parents are, only that their nanny’s take care of them,” E said.

“Cool. So about the project. Can we get an easy A?” Sebastian asked.

“Of course. I know, my aunt is free on Wednesday night. I can ask her to come over. We will ask her questions.  She really knows her stuff. Like around 6:00, two days from now,” E said.

“Yes, I can do that,” Sebastian said.

As Sebastian talked and ate, she watched his every move. When he put the roast chicken in his mouth, she watched his lips move. He lips were pumped and ready to be kissed. His chiseled face was waiting to be touch. She wanted his strong hands on her body embracing her.  She wanted to hear his heart pounding next to hers. She wanted to comb his thick hair with her thin elegant fingers.

The bell rang and she didn’t eat a thing, but she was not disappointed. She was watching priceless art eat.

She got into a black town car alone that drove her back home. After she walked through the door, she took off her coat and hung it on the coat rack. She walked up the stairs to her room with her backpack.  She went into her room and closed the door. She sat on the bed.

While she was taking off her boots a shadow walked through the door and transformed into a 6 foot tall man with a hint of evil in his face and wore a monk costume.

“Yes, Simon Peter,” E said.

“I need you in the basement now,” Simon Peter ordered and vanished.

E took off her boots and walked toward the basement that was under the house.  The basement had a narrow old wooden door underneath the main stairs of the house.

As she opened the door, she walked down the concrete steps to a dungeon that was from the Crusades.  Dark and damp with bibles and other old books that time forgot around with lamp light to illuminate the space.

She found Eric naked kneeling down in front of a large golden cross.  He stared at it as he trembled.

“Take off your clothes,” Simon Peter ordered.

E obeyed.

She knelt next to her brother and stared at the cross.

“This is for your sins,” Simon Peter said.

Simon Peter took out his whip and started to whip them on the back without mercy as they screamed for their lives. No one came to their rescue. Each lash broke their skin and started to bleed.  Drops of blood soaked the cold concrete floor.  It seemed the punishment went on for hours as E and Eric lost their voice.

Simon Peter finished and rubbed salt in their wounds as they tried to cry out, but there was no sound.

He ordered them to put on their clothes and leave.  E struggled to walk to her room and closed the door.

She took off her shirt and watched her deep wounds heal in the mirror. She sat on her bed and started to cry.  She didn’t know why this was happening.


Still looking for an agent.

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