TWO — The Saxton Family Secrets

It’s late and I can’t go to sleep.  There’s a hungry in my bones and a pace the floor in my hollow wooden room.  I start to change in a hideous costume which I make from my skin.  My snake tongue licks my face as my eyes are death.  I’m a demon in my true form.

The only person I can talk to is my adviser  if you want to call him that, Simon Peter. He’s like priest to our family.  Each head has an adviser or priest.

Let me explain:

In my family you have my great-grandfather Galvin who is strange in his own way.  Remember, his appearance always changes.

My grandmother Olyva.  As I understand, she is from the Old Country and came to America by ship.  If my mother is around so-call 120, I wonder, the age of my grandmother.

My grandfather Eric is a no-show.  I have never met him and my family refuses to mention him.

My mother has brothers and one sister.

First you have my mother name Erika, then Merlin, Bryan, Elisabeth and Clive.

My mother is the leader and judge of the family.  You can’t pee without her permission   OK  I’m overstating it, but it’s true. She have to run everyone’s life as if the world depends on it.   She bossy and domineering like a dictator who will destroy you without a word. The family is afraid of her and even her own mother obeys my mother’s will to the letter.  She’s a bitch without emotion and ice water in her vines.

Uncle Merlin is all about history and knowledge. He’s a  History Profession at Colombia U and his wife teaches at NYU.  The rumor is, my aunt Megan were best friends with Susan B. Anthony.

Uncle Bryan is a science nut who made food for my family without committing a crime.  He has been in magazines, books and gave speeches about science, (that’s all I know).

Aunt Elisabeth only cares about the money. His husband, who I refuse to call family is a power-hungry idiot, who’s looking to control the world. My mother and him can’t get along.  Remember, too many chefs spoil the broth.

Uncle Clive is my favorite uncle.  He’s loved by many and only a few (I believe), knows he can’t die.  He lives and lives and lives.  Still with the same face and looks.  His wife, aunt Nevaeh is a famous film director.  She stays more in the shadows as my uncle take center stage.

But, there are two more sections of my family which are strange to me.  Simon Peter and Rebecca.

Simon Peter and his mindless drones help our family with God and life.  That’s a joke.  Simon Peter judge us as if we didn’t know that the word DAMN is written on our foreheads for the world to see.  He doesn’t stay a word unless it’s scripture or a judgement of our sinful demonic souls. In this twisted arrangement, my mother is Judge and Simon Peter is the Executioner.

Rebecca is a strange one. She’s the only one who will fight my mother in any type battle.  They have this intense hate for each other, but care for one another. Strange relationship all together.

Most of the time when Rebecca needs to make a point, she talks about her time being brought and sold into slavery for the white monsters of The South.  She is black as charcoal but beautiful in appearance with perfection on her side.  Her husband is an Indian Medicine Man with the coolest he gave to his family.  The gift of changing. They can change into anything, even if a cup.  Her daughter Fire and I were best friends but now the sexy duo is no more, but a girly dream.

So that’s the run of my family, without mentioning my cousins.  I have a lot of them.  Some can’t stand and some I can live without.

We are one big family who lives in the walls and hunts your nightmares. We loves the delight of Normals’ flesh touching our lips and fulling our stomachs with love. The sweet blood wine is intoxicating to me while I eat a heart for desert.   Damn, I’m hungry!!

My mouth is watering with anticipation of the most desired food of my family, as I write.  My body is changing and now it’s getting hard to type.

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