THREE — The Saxton Family Secrets

K NEEDS TO SHUT THE HELL UP.  My cousin K is a dim witted stereotypical blonde who was born and raised in New York, but believe she’s Valley.  I don’t know if I hear her voice anymore.

K is the daughter of Uncle Clive and the twin sister of Chris, who’s a wanta be gangsta in wealthy part of Long Island, NY.  Seriously?

He is like, “Wha up, hot mama.  You know, you down with White Coco,” and other nonsense.

We have three sets of twin in our family.  It’s me and my brother, K and Chris and Trinity and Tristan.

K and Chris are complete opposite of use. They are more outspoken and notice among our peers.  They have sun-kiss skin in the middle of any cold winter.  They love culture and well rounded.  Eric and I, we are like the goths who loves doom and gloom.

I could find Eric for lunch, but K found me.

As I tuned out her noise, I saw Max eating by himself as he always does, but he looks sick.  I told Eric to Max call him tonight.

Max is another cousin of mine.  His father is Uncle Merlin.

Max always looked pale, but this time, he looks like he’s entering death’s door in a few seconds. His vines were showing, his eyes were numb and there is no life in him.  He looks depressed and alone with no care in the world.

I feel him energy flowing through me and I see death and Hades with the demons dancing in happiness. His heart is light and he looks like he needs to be feed.

K shouts at him and he gives her the middle finger, so she shouts again.

With the rolling of the eyes and mumbles under his breath, he slowly walks to our table.

He slaps both of his hands on the table and looks at us, dead in the eyes.

“What the hell do you want from me?”  Max asks.

“Like, are you excited about the party. Like totally awesome,” K with a song.

“Can you shut the hell up? Seriously? Just shut up! You’re cute and you’re a princess. Stop the nonsense and leave me the hell alone,” Max says with a struggle.

I knew what he was thinking.

“Like, omg, really?” K asks.

Max rolls his eyes again and looks at me.

“Please tell Fire to stop calling me. I don’t have the information.  I wasn’t bless with the damn gift ok. Just tell her to leave me alone.  I want everyone just to leave me alone,” Max says.

“Gouchy, gouchy,” K says.

Max looks at her as his body begins to change into the damnation.

“STOP”, I say.

He stops and finally K shuts up!

Happy day, happy day!

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