FIVE — The Saxton Family Secrets

OMG! I CAN’T SLEEP!!!!!!!!!

OK, this is thing, I love my brother but he snores like an old man with a breathing problem.

For so reason, my brother and I have been stress for no reason. I feel the stress deep inside me like an alien eating away at my soul. Eric feels it in his head as if, as he stated “A sledge hammer using his head as a nail”.

We are in pain. No, pain is not the word. It’s much stronger than that. I think, I’m going insane.

I was asleep, but only half. Twisting and turning like the waves. I hear a slight knock on the door, like mouse asking to come in.

I whisper and the door creaked. It was my twin. He couldn’t sleep.

He crawled in my bed like child having a bad dream. We talked about the party. The family party. I feel, all the secrets will come out. But, I want to know about me.

Who am I? What am I? I am overwhelmed with the thought. See other teenagers and they don’t turn into a monster disgusting hideous monster who have to hide in the shadows. I have never met anyone else (outside of the family) who can blend into a wall, on the floor or a door.

When I am alone, I change. Slowly, my nails grow into sharp darker eagle nails which can cut throw a clement wall. My eyes become darker than night and have no life. My lips become no more as my teeth are razor sharp and jagged, worst than a shark. My gums are none and my tongue become a python. My skin is pale and blood is no more. My hair is gone and nowhere to found. My face looks like a skull. I become thin and hollow with so much more strength. My breasts are none.

When I transform, I look at it careful to study each movement, so I can comprehend what the hell is going on, but I can’t. I am a nightmare to Freddy Kruger or to the devil himself.

What am I? I don’t know!

I wish, my brother can stop the snoring.

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