SEVEN — The Saxton Family Secrets

I don’t know what to say or do. Am I cursed? What did I do wrong?

I just to break into dirt and let the wind carry me away. I don’t want to feel and I don’t want cry. I want to be like my mom, an ice cold statue that moves.

When you look at me, I have everything, but you see with color eyes and with a heart of greed and desire. When I look into mirror, I see a starving child of evil and pain.

My brother and I were in the same bed, just sleeping away. We are in turmoil and pain, and don’t know why. My head hurts and stomach aches. We are both slowly dying in pain.

In the morning, the door open wide as if a storm was brewing in the hallway. A large monstrous appearance showed in my room. It was a dark cloud and I god-like figure moving to my bed. The door alone scared the crap out of me. My brother was still asleep. I tried to wake with no luck.

The figure had deep red eyes. It stared at me like it was waiting to devour me. I cried and shook. I wanted to scream, but it took my voice and left me breathless.

I trembled.

“You have sin, you disgusting fools”, the figure said.

I wanted to speak.

The figure grabbed my waist and tossed me off the bed as if a was garbage. I crawled in the corner. I wanted to save my brother, but no luck.

The figure stared down at my brother as if he was an disgusting small bug ready to get crush.

Finally, Eric woke up to red crimson eyes. He was as pale as death.

The figure turned into Simon Peter, in his holy as holy robes.

“How dare you sin against God?”

Eric spoke, “What do you mean?”

“You are sleeping in the same bed! It’s forbidden,” Simon Peter.

“What?” Eric asked.

Eric was always the brave one.

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