Eight — The Saxton Family Secrets

Finally, I have time to explain. As I mention, Eric is the brave one. He always have my back. He’s my soulmate. He’s my twin. We both have a love that we both can’t describe, but it’s nothing bad.

The huge giant of the man began to questioned my half asleep brother.

“Why are you in bed with her?” He questioned at the top of his lungs.

Eric looked at him as if he was talking a foreign language.

“Why are you in bed with her?” He asked again.

The monstrous black giant became a mighty Thor without the good looks.

I saw evil in it’s rare form and I was confuse. I didn’t know if I should pissed off or afraid for my life.

What the hell?

I couldn’t understand it.

The more the evil stared at Eric the more I got upset. I could feel my heart beat racing and I was hot as chillies.

Each second, my body was transforming into a nightmare.
My whole body was on fire and my tongue was ready to unleash. I wanted to kill and I didn’t care about his position.

In split second, I faced the big giant and stared at him as if I was really to kill.

“Get the hell out!” I said.

Simon Peter transformed into something from the book of Satan.

“Sinners, sinners, sinners”, Simon Peter said.

Without thinking, “What the hell, we are all damned to hell. We are God’s coach roaches. We are going to die. So why do you care.”

With a sound of my mother voice, he went back into normal form.

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