NINE — The Saxton Family Secrets

My mother’s voice is like the voice of God.  Now, I don’t know if God is a man or woman, how the hell should I know, but the fact is, my mother is God of this family.  She is the glue that holds this family together.  Again, I don’t know why.

Simon Peter stopped in his tracks and turned into his good-looking self.  Simon Peter is a handsome man, with his black oil waving hair and his piecing bright blue eyes. His skin is smooth and well-defined. His lips are full and kissable. His hands are tender but strong.  His arms are defined and his legs are juicy.  You just want to eat him and eat him again and again.  Looking at him, makes my heart melt and I act like a child, but the thought goes away when he opens his mouth.

He’s a definition of what a handsome man suppose to be, if he didn’t condemn people for every little thing. My heart aches for him, but he is a jackass.

His blue eyes became a child and my heart ached.  I wanted to hold him and kiss him, but he’s still a jackass.

My mother appeared and felt the cold air. My room turned into ice.

“What’s wrong?”, my mother asked.

Simon Peter trembled and was afraid to speak.  I felt his nerves.  Why was he nervous?  What does my mother have over him?

“I saw them in bed together,” Simon Peter said as if he was a scared child.

“So?”, my mother asked.

“It’s forbidden?” Simon Peter asked.

My mother scanned the room.  Her dark hollow eyes glazed at me and my brother.  She was like an animal stiffing out the problem or her next prey.

She looked around to see the chaos.

“Forbidden, you asked.  What is forbidden?”, my mother asked.

Simon Peter turned cold and shaking like a leaf, “They were in bed together.”

“So? What’s the point?”, my mother asked.

“It’s forbidden?”, Simon Peter asked.

My mother looked at him and, “They are twins.  They slept together before they were born. What happen, happen.  Simon, let it go.”

My mother left like a ghost and Simon Peter walked out of the room like a beaten child.

Eric and I looked at each other. dumbfounded. Confuse.

What happened before?

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