SEVENTEEN – The Saxton Family Secrets

Early in the morning, the Queen of the world was up and ordering her loyal slaves around.  They were busy bees and the Queen was cracking the wipe like a tyrant.  The noises and the yelling made me wake up in shock.

I looked up at the ceiling picturing my life in the future, trying to figure things out.  I am only 14 but it seems I am older than my age.  Wise beyond my years but still in the dark of who I am or what I am.  I am completely clueless.

One question I have, why is my mother the Queen over the family?

During big family events, I, my brother and sister are treated like loyalty. Why? I love being treated like a princess of the ball, but I never knew why?  Today will be the day I will find out why.

Uncle Merlin wants Me, Eric, Max, Britannica, Boyce, Trinity, Tyler, K, Chris and Fire to hear the story of our people.  I don’t understand why Fire?  Fire is not part of our family but, again I don’t understand anything.

Max is Uncle Merlin’s son.  Max is looking ill by the minute.

Britannica and Boyce are Uncle Bryan’s son and daughter.  They are both a year apart and dreary.

Trinity and Tyler are the twin son and daughter of Aunt Elisabeth.  I can’t stand them.

K and Chris are the twin son and daughter of Uncle Clive.  I have mentioned them before.

Fire is Rebecca’s daughter, who was my best friend.

So there’s the rundown. Now, let the drama begin.

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