TWENTY – TWO – The Saxton Family Secrets

With his old man white beard, his balding head and old man glasses hanging by the tip of his nose, Uncle Merlin looked like the typical nerdy professor who lives in the basement of his parents’ house.  Aunt Megan who’s Uncle Merlin’s wife is a professor at NYU in the city.  Aunt Megan mentioned that she worked with Susan B. Anthony.  Who’s Susan B. Anthony?  Anyways.

Uncle Merlin sat down on my mother’s throne.  Eric and I looked at each other and our eyes got wide.  I thought maybe Uncle Merlin would be shocked or God would strike him with lighting.  He got comfortable in the chair and nothing happen.  What was going on, was “The Chair” just a leather chair, or was he given the password to sit on the throne of a heartless cold soul.  I do not know, but I was already in awe.

Max looked sicker than ever.  I wanted him to stay in the corner.  Fire looked straight ahead like a beautiful stone statue with diamond eyes.  I wondered, what she was thinking.

Uncle Merlin cleared his throat and began the story of our race.

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