TWENTY – FOUR – The Saxton Family Secrets

“Look at her”, The One said.

“You should visit her,” The One said to Galvin.

Galvin looked at The One,  “How?

“Become human. We can do it.  I can teach you because it’s so easy,” The One said.

“But God told us that these feelings unnatural,” Galvin said.

“How do you feel about her?” The One asked.

“I love her.  She’s so wonderful like the sun and moon,” Galvin said.

“Ok, so did you make up these feelings or did you think of these feelings on your own?” The One asked.

“On my own,” Galvin said.

“So, we are made to feel. We are made to love. He created us to love and care for the humans,” The One said.

“You are right, but they are humans,” Galvin said.

“So become one.  It’s easy.  You love her right? I look at her for hours and hours.  Time is ticking.  Humans die easy, remember? You must act fast. Tick, tick, tick,” The One said.

With a loud thunder, “GET AWAY FROM HIM”!

Gabriel ran to Galvin.

“Get away for him.  He doesn’t want you.  Just go away,” Gabriel said.

Why? You know the truth and the truth will set you free.  You know, it’s true”, The One said.

Gabriel stared at him, “The truth is, Spirit and Flesh can’t mix.  We are Spirit and the humans are flesh.  Can’t you see that? They are our pets.  So you are saying, we should love our pets? Humans are for our enjoyment and they are not our equal.”

“Please, I don’t think they are pets.  They are God’s creations, just like we are. So are we God’s pets? Why do he treat us like equals? ,” The One said.

“Get away from him,” Gabriel said.

“Ok.  I will talk to you soon,” The One said and left at a blink of an eye.

Gabriel looked at Galvin, “Please don’t follow him, it will only turn to badness.  Look at the world now, he did this”.

“He did make a point, we are God’s creations too,” Galvin said.

Yes, we are but that doesn’t give us the right to have relations or the bother with the humans.  The humans should be left alone”, Gabriel said.

“Yes, she’s beautiful, but she’s was only created for our enjoyment and pleasure from afar, “Gabriel said.

Galvin walked away in shame.  The thought of him, in love with a pet makes him sick.



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