TWENTY – FIVE – The Saxton Family Secrets

Galvin stared at her for a moment, but the days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months.  Months turned into years. He watched her aged as he ate his breakfast.

He wanted to feel her warmth, her breath, her life as it faded away in a matter of moments.  He wanted her.  He needed her.  His heart ached as she aged for moment to moment.

“Why do you torture yourself?  Be with her,” The One said.

“I can’t.  She’s human,” Galvin said.

“What? That’s stopping you?  Please, you can become human too,” The One said.

Galvin looked at him, “Human?”

Yes.  Her life span is short.  Are you going to watch her die during your dinner? Watching her die without even knowing her? Look at her.  You watched her birth, so it will be fitting to watch her die without touching her. But, you can change it. Become human.  It’s easy,” The One said.

“Your father forbids it,” Galvin said.

“Because he has touched them and wants them for himself,” The One said.

“He created them,” Galvin said.

“Correct.  He did.  He created them, like he create us in his image.  It’s fine to touch humans.  It’s fine adore our father’s creation.  He put them on Earth for our enjoyment.  Your father knew what he was doing when he created the humans. He created us to adore and love the humans.  So, with that in mind, go to her,” The One said.

“It’s unnatural,” Galvin said.

“No.  It’s unnatural for them to be more beautiful than us. We are like Gods to them. Just go to earth.  Check it out.  Have fun,” The One said.

Galvin looked at her.

“She doesn’t have to long to live,” The One said.

How?” Galvin asked.

“Easy. Find a man and enter his body,” The One said.


“Yes, find a man and walk into his body.  Make sure your spirit is in his body.  Use him as a puppet , like I did with the snake, remember,” The One said.

“Didn’t you get in trouble with that,” Galvin asked.

“It was a misunderstand,” The One said.

“You are due a day off and it will only take minute, “ The One continued.

“Can you fill in for me?” Galvin asked.

“Of course,” The One said.

“Thank you. So, I find a man and walk into his body,” Galvin said.

“Yes. When you talk to the girl, tell her that you are a God from heaven.  She will melt into your arms,” The One said.

“I will give it try, but want about God,” Galvin said.

“Look at her.  She is getting old and soon will die. Humans can’t last but so long.  Don’t you want to know her, touch her,  feel her, to study her and to be around her.  She is beautiful in your eyes.  So divine. Why would God make a creature who we cannot touch?” The One asked.

Dead silence.

Galvin looked at the earth and the woman he desired.

He focused his eyes on a man walking on the road.  He was a handsome with his beautiful good looks and his manly body.  In a blink of an eye, the man was a host for an angel.

It took baby steps for Galvin to fully take possession of the body, but he succeed and The One looked on with delighted that his best friend and brother was taking control of his own destiny. The One flew away with a smile and a tune.  He knew what he had done;  he was fully aware.


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