TWENTY – SEVEN – The Saxton Family Secrets

“Within a few days; angel time of course,” Uncle Merlin said.

Uncle Merlin continued the story of our history.

“Galvin was depressed and bored with his life in heaven.  He lost his post and his best friend betrayed him.  God never forgave him for fathering a human.   He was living day by day, waiting for the day God will destroy the third of the angels in heaven.

Since Galvin was a fallen angel, he could visit earth and heaven whenever he wanted.  He observed the humans personally and each passing moment, he got more and more upset with God.   Most of the humans were vile, godless, violent, and disgusting, but God would forgive them repeatedly.   God even gave Jesus “The Chosen One” so the humans could wash their sins clean, but God could not forgive him.

He wondered, why were the humans more precious than his own heavenly sons?”

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