TWENTY – SIX – The Saxton Family Secrets

“Naimah was in her garden planting her future meals, “ Uncle Merlin said.

He looked at us to see if we were still at attention.  For me, I wanted to sleep.  This story wasn’t answering my questions. I wanted my answers now, not later or after a boring story about Galvin.  It was interesting that Galvin in angel from heaven.  Ok, I got it.  But, why did he come down from heaven?  I thought heaven was a sweet place. Ok.

I am going to give you cliff notes of the story:

1)      Galvin met Naimah

2)      Naimah had Galvin’s son Hoesa

3)      Hoesa grew up fast, like super fast.  He started walking at birth

4)      Hoesa became a mighty man at age 10

5)      God was disappointed in Galvin and Galvin lost his post in heaven

6)      God talked to the human named Noah

7)      Noah was to build an giant boat because God was going to flood the earth

8)      Galvin and the other angels with human offspring didn’t want God to flood the earth

9)      Galvin visited Hoesa.  Found out Hoesa raped and killed Naimah (his mother) because she didn’t want him to play with his friends

10)   Galvin was sad and watched his son drown in the flood

See, the short version of Uncle Merlin’s long dry story about Galvin.

Now, let’s hear want Uncle Merlin have to say now.  I think, he will now get to the meat of our history.


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