Saxton Family

Hello.  My name is E Saxton.  I’m writing this post to tell world how I feel.  I am lost and confuse.  I’m a teenager who should be living life to the fullest with a brunch of friends, but I’m not.

I was born damned to the deep pits of hell, but I am still working on this green earth.  I wish God will strike me dead now, to relive the pain inside of me. I was never supposed to be born but again, I am still here wasting away into nothing and hope for the great day to come when I can be free.

I pray, but I don’t know what to pray about.  I don’t know if he is even listening to me.  So, why do I pray?  I ask myself that same question.

I wish, I could die but dying is a mystery to me.  Yes, I am alive.  I do feel a heart beat from my black darken heart, so I am alive.  I am not an over price supermodel vampire, but I still a creature of the darkest of night and with one look in my eye, I can make you beg for death. I am hell and heaven is a mystery only to me.

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