About Aliya Leigh

Aliya Leigh was born (April 19, 1976) and raised in Rosedale, NY with her brother who’s a electrician of Union Local 3. She is African-American and Native American. Her mother’s father is from the Chickahomny tribe located in New Kent County, Virginia.

She came from a good and religious two parent family. Her mother was a English Professor who taught English and Shakespeare and her father was a Locomotive Engineer for the Long Island Railroad.

In grade school, her parents made her take piano lessons because she has long fingers and instant memory. She played well enough to perform at concerts. She played at colleges like CW Post and her last concert was Carnegie Hall.

During her JHS years, she knew she was different, but didn’t want to cause any family problems, after watching what her aunt had to go through when she come out as a Lesbian. She wrote a poem called, Killing My Self. The poem was about killing the evil inside of her, but her parents thought differently and she had to go to therapy. After the poem, she continued to write poetry and became a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe. She began to write like him with her own spin to it.

In High School, she studied Computer Science and also wrote for the school newspaper, in a Leadership club, Drama class, Honor student, a Librarian assistant, and math and science geek. She wrote essays to keep her grades up. Her drama teacher read a short story she wrote and convinced her to write screenplays and stories.

Before college, she went to a government funded school to learn Copier Repair. While in college she worked as copier repair woman, tearing down and rebuilding copiers. She earned a degree in Computer Science.

In her 20’s, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona with 600.00 dollars and a dream. In Phoenix, Arizona she worked as a computer consultant. She moved to Tucson, for a stable job and began writing stories again. She joined the National Writer’s Union and began working part-time as a script supervisor, production coordinator and producer on indie films.

She lives in Phoenix. She’s the producer, writer, editor and host of a podcast called, Aliya Leigh Live aka Lesbian Life. She talks about the drama in her own life, the gossip around town and the current news. She is also the producer, writer, editor and voice over actress for Wonderland.

She writes and edits film and television scripts, writes young adult, horror, suspense and thriller novels, owns a fashion line, on the National Writer’s Union board as a trustee and a Log Cabin Republican.

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