TWENTY – EIGHT – The Saxton Family Secrets

“Eric caught the eyes of Galvin in the summer of 1620,” Uncle Merlin said.

He looked up and stared at us.  I don’t know what he was thinking but the feelings were strange.  I wanted to rip my skin off my bones and hang myself in shame.  Why do I feel this way?  Uncle Merlin continued to tell the story.  I wanted to hear everything.

“Eric Saxton, your grandfather who you never met, was 15 years old when he came to this new land, America.  Eric was a Pilgrim from England, who traveled the rough seas for religious freedom.  I don’t know anything about his parents or family members, but my mother still remembers her parents, sisters, and brothers down to this day.”

“When Eric was 15 years old, he lived a modest life; which is now called Boston, Massachusetts.  Eric was considered an adult during these times and should be married soon, but he was married to church.  He was more concerned about his Sunday sermons, helping the poor, working at a general store and preaching the bible to anyone who will listen.  He read the bible every day and quoted scriptures like if he was telling people his name.  He was the most handsome man, God-fearing man in the area, but the church was his wife, and the congregation was his family.  People called him Faithful E.”

“Oliya’s family came to the New World for a new life.  Her father hated King James.  She doesn’t know why, but they sailed the open seas to live in Massachusetts.  Oliya came from a well-to-do family and she was known as a snob.  Her family looked down at the families and others in the church because they were religious insane people, but her father conducted large and wealthy business deals in the name of religion.”

Every Sunday, 12 years old Oliya and her family would attend church every Sunday.  Every Sunday, Eric looked at her without thinking anything about it. The churchwomen of the congregation talked to him about the new wealthy family in the area.  They thought the family were the spawn of Satan and needed to leave the church.”

“He did visit the family at their large home in Boston.  He wanted to see for himself if they were a threat the spiritual health of his congregation.  He had dinner with family, but the dinner didn’t turn out like he had planned because of Galvin lurking in the background.”

“Galvin saw the look in Eric’s eyes when he looked at Oliya.  Oliya was a beautiful young and talent woman who loved the bible and could quoted any scripture.  For example, Eric mentioned the talk among the churchwomen about the family attending the church services, but Oliya mentioned that the congregation should mine their own business because the bible said so; which impressed Eric.  For the first time, Eric was feeling an emotion; which he thought was impossible.  Galvin thought about Naimah and his love for her to point that he gave up his post for her.  He wanted to relive the love affair again.  The love he felt for the human he loved.”

“After the family dinner, Eric walked home to his modest shack as he thought about Oliya.  Oliya changed him.”

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