EIGHTEEN – The Saxton Family Secrets

As the night fell over my town of Garden City, I was getting excited.  I was ready. I couldn’t wait.

I wanted to know why Fire didn’t want to be my friend more; the nerve of her. I don’t understand it.  We were the best of friends, closer than sisters, but now we are not on speaking terms.  I don’t know why?

This is how the story began.

During summer vacation, Fire came to New York from hot Arizona.  I was so happy. When we are together, the world is our domain. We talk, we laugh, we cry, we have fun and travel to The City. We would take the LIRR to Manhattan to shop and have the time of our lives. We were both going through who we were; creatures of the night.  Fire and I are not family, but our blood speaks our language.  It’s weird to explain.

See, I can change into a hideous monster and Fire can change into any object.  I am being serious.  She can be a pencil, dog, cat, horse, table or a bed.  All she has to do is think it and she will become without any hesitation. It’s amazing. She started changing at age 10 with the help of her father.   She claimed her father asked the Earth to give her family power over the elements and the Earth gave them the gift.  Her father was chosen by the Earth to guide the family through changing process. She has scared Eric a few times in the bathroom and in his room. I can see her being the perfect spy.

During the summer, we had fun as usual. Nothing bad happen.  We were laughing, joking as usual.  We were around K, Chris, Max and Eric, and having such a great time.  When she left New York, we cried and didn’t want to leave each other.  We were both wishing that we were Siamese twins.

A week later, I received a phone call. She spoke and I listened. My heart sank and we became enemies.

I forgot what was said, but in my mind she said, “I hate you. You are such spoil fake brat and I’m superior to you.”

I don’t know what I did wrong, but our sisterhood was dream.  A friendship turned bad in a blink of an eye. Why?

I know as a fact my mother doesn’t like Rebecca at all.

That’s was the story, now let me tell you about the BIG event.

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