ONE — The Saxton Family Secrets

Hello.  My name is E Saxton.  I’m writing this post to tell world how I feel.  I am lost and confuse.  I’m a teenager who should be living life to the fullest with a brunch of friends, but I’m not.

I look in my bedroom mirror every morning before school. I look normal, but I really the most gruesome and disgusting monster that only hunts you in your worst nightmares.  I grodiest and filthy.  I am like Medusa in the flesh and don’t know how to destroy the curse which I was born with.

I was born damned to the deep pits of hell, but I am still working on this green earth.  I wish God will strike me dead now, to relive the pain inside of me. I was never supposed to be born but again, I am still here wasting away into nothing and hope for the great day to come when I can be free.

I pray, but I don’t know what to pray about.  I don’t know if he is even listening to me.  So, why do I pray?  I ask myself that same question.

I wish, I could die but dying is a mystery to me.  Yes, I am alive.  I do feel a heart beat from my black darken heart, so I am alive.  I am not an over price supermodel vampire, but I still a creature of the darkest of night and with one look in my eye, I can make you beg for death. I am hell and heaven is a mystery only to me.

Normally, I do look like an average teenager with my white pale skin, anyone would want to make a ring out of my crystal emerald eyes, my pink fill lips and long jet black hair. I am average height and weight for my age; not too thin and not fat.  No eating disorders, but I have been hungry for some time now.

I don’t love my life, but I do love my family.  I come from a weird, careen driven, power-hungry family.  I am very close to my twin brother Eric.

Eric is my rock and the one who I can turn to for anything.  We are one flesh with two minds.  His body is like a magnet to all the girls in our school.  He can never get a moment peace to collect his thoughts. The family calls us Gemini and I don’t know why.  Is it because of our eyes, twinship or some other crazy thought, I don’t know.  I wish, I knew.

I know something is about to happen.  I don’t know what it is.  I do know, the family will be here, in my house.  All the family, even my great-grandfather Galvin, but my grandfather Eric can never attend.

My great-grandfather has many appearances. He can tell that it is him by his walk and voice.  I know this sound strange, but it’s true.  He never looks the same twice.

When great-grandfather Galvin have to appear to the whole family, even to Rebecca’s family, I know something is seriously going down.  This event never happen before until now.

What should I do?  Should I pray to a God that made me so he could destroy me for fun and pure enjoyment? Or should I suffer in my damnation?

I wish, I could get some advice but who do I turn too?

My father works non-stop at his office who I never see and my mother is craved out of stone.  She is a walking colder than ice statue making sure the family follows only her lead.  She’s the leader of the family and the family obeys her, even my wimp of a father.  He was the one to take her last name.

I need advice and I no one but my thoughts.

At night, I twist and turn as my stomach tells me secrets of life which is unknown to me. the secrets of my family are coming out and I don’t know how to handle it.  Why now?  I don’t have a clue.

As I look at family photos, I don’t age.  Normally, people age from year to year, but my family don’t.  No, I am not a vampire.  I don’t know, they exist because Apollo who’s my aunt’s friend is one.  My heart still beats even though I am a monster.

For example, my Uncle Clive is a famous actor.  You can see him on TV and Film is any blockbuster movie.  He has even won awards.  Now, he can’t use his real name, why, because I like he’s over 100 years old, but looks like a fresh 20 years old.  He got his big break with Charlie Chopin.  He was best friends with James Dean and other well-known actors in that time, but some of them grew old and died of natural causes as my uncle can still do photo shoots for “Teen Beat“.

Rumor has it, my mother is over 120 years old, but she still looks like a house wife who should be on TV.

What am I?  I don’t know.  One minute, I can look like an average teenager and the next minute, I look like a monster with hollow death eyes, razor-sharp teeth, death skin, nails like an eagle and carrying a demon grin.

I can travel in the walls trying to grab my meal as I move so quick, time stands still.

God, I am hungry.  I have not had a good meal in a long time due to crime issues.  I will explain that later.

I do eat regular meals, like fish, chicken, beef and veggies, but Normal meat is the best meal and their juices makes my heart jump and my mouth water like a raging river.

I just want to know the truth about my family and why we are the creatures that turn the Normals white as ghosts.

I want to know why we are they way we are.  I wish, someone can tell me.


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