TWENTY – ONE – The Saxton Family Secrets

We walked down the stairs like the royal couple from the richest country in the world.  It was amazing how I felt.  My headache was gone and a power took over my soul.  I felt significant, like a matter in the world.  It was the first time, I felt, I was worth something.

I felt the stares and listened to the whispers.  I looked over the crowd and I knew this was a notable night.  Everyone was there.  I was a sea of family, which I grew to love and endure.

I mean, my family is seriously completely dysfunctional and I still didn’t know everything about my race.  Tonight, I will know the truth.

When Eric and I made it to the ground floor, the sane family members surrounded us like bees to a flower.  Uncle Clive picked me up and gave me a bear hug that almost crushed my bones.  Uncle Bryan and Aunt Blyth gave me the standard hug and words of encouragement.  Uncle Merlin smiled at me and my parents were please of my entrance.

The anti-social included Aunt Elisabeth family, Aunt Megan and the Rebecca’s family.  They were part of the party but didn’t want to be there.  I don’t understand it, especially Rebecca’s family.

My favorite uncle is Uncle Clive is far from sane.  He told me, he met Charlie Chaplin on his first acting job. To me, it doesn’t make sense.  My Uncle Clive is not that old.

Anyway, my grandmother walked over to me.  She looked like she was in her 30’s.  Again, my family is weird.  She hugged me as normal and walked away.  Oh well, at least, I got a hug.

My parents told Eric and me to go in the “teenage area” aka The Library.  Yes, we have a large library room in my house.

In the “teenage area,” there was – Max, Boyce and Britannica, Trinity and Tyler, Chris and K and Fire.  The room looked liked a deprived insane asylum with Chris and K on an adrenal high.

Max looked liked a junkie – needing a fixed.  I still don’t understand his issue.  His teeth were monstrous, his eyes were yellow, and his skin was pale like toothpaste.  He was all alone sitting in the corner.

The malicious twins Trinity and Tyler were sitting on the couch checking their phones.  They were the most depraved people in the world.  They will black mail God if they could and sell their own offspring for a dollar.  I heard Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Jolie, and Russell Brand were their personal slaves.  For some reason, they have some dirt on Orlando Bloom so they use him as a sluttish sex doll.  These twins will turn you into property.

Boyce and Britannica are the nerds who are not twins.  They were bored just being in the room.  They rather have been at a science fair or a sat on a medical lecture than to be in a room with us.  They looked sad and depress in their fancy clothes and jewels.

Chris and K were energetic as usual.  K wanted to explode in her skin because there were no excitement and Chris was acting like a downgraded Eminem.  When Eric entered the room, Chris attached himself to Eric.

Fire sat alone in another corner.  I looked at her but she didn’t look back.  She was avoiding me as if I was a contaminated.  What did I do?  How did I hurt her?  What the hell?  I didn’t know how to fix it.  I miss her so much.  She was my best friend and now we are nothing, as if the years we spend together were erased in one phone call.  Why does she hate me so?

Like OMG, Like WHY are, like why we here, like OMG?”  K asked and she supposed to be an English major.

There was a knock at the door.  It was a servant to bring us the main course with glasses of wine. Now, let us stop here.  I want to talk about the main course and our wine.

Remember the woman who did my hair.  She didn’t mention her name, because she was on the menu.  I love REAL Normal meat, that’s what we call them, Normals aka people who are not like us.  All of the servants are on the menu.  Some will be skinned, fried, baked or bbq, but in all they are delicious.  When Brennan cooks them, the meat falls right off the bones with no problem.  The sauces he uses are blissful and the meat is so tender.

Brennan, who is Uncle Bryan’s son, is a world famous chef.  First, he shaves the body and then he does his magic.  He also drains the blood from the body to create Blood Wine.  The whole meal is a makes me water and tingle inside.  When I put the meat in my mouth, mouth does a sensual dance with my juices.  The flavor pops and my body is on fire with pleasure.  The Blood Wine is delious too, something I can’t write in words.

We only eat REAL Normals on special occasions, but on a regular day, we eat fake Normal meat.  Uncle Bryan created this meat due to the laws of the land.

We don’t eat Normals like the Werewolves.  They don’t just dig in and rip the pure sweet meat like animals.  We eat Normals meal like if we were sitting in a fine dining restaurant.  Ok, so I explain that.

Now, the servant brought our dinner on a roller-serving tray.  Placed on a clear crystal plate was bite size meat.  The 24k golden forks and the glasses of wine were out.  When the servant left, we gather around to partake is bliss, except for the crack head Max.

Fire had some meat without looking at me.  Looking at her, I was crying inside.  I miss her energy, warmth, and smile.  I miss the companionship and the talks we had.  She broke my heart, my soul, and my inner strength.  I need her now, more than ever.  I need my best friend, but she’s gone.  Does she think about me?

After the meal, Uncle Merlin walked into the library as if, he was a doctor who going to tell you, “You have 5 minutes to live.”

“We will have the history lesson soon.  Trinity and Tristan, I need you to put anyway your phones”, Uncle Merlin said.

The twins looked at him and gave him the look.

“Disrespect.  Normal,” Uncle Merlin said.

In his next breath, “Take your seats and let’s begin.  Max, you need to join group.”

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