TWELVE — The Saxton Family Secrets

The rumors are surfacing like lighting from the sky.  They look innocent but deadly.  My mother is becoming disgusting to me and unholy as if she’s the devil itself.

She’s raging on and on Rebecca and how she is a nasty nigger who should die by hanging because she’s disobeying orders.  WTH is going on?

I don’t know why Rebecca is close to the family, but she has a daughter named Fire who was my best friend in the world.

Fire and I are around the same age, but she is more prettier and smarter than I am.  She has long flowing straight ebony hair with golden tan skin.  She is shaped like a dream girl everyone man or woman want to have in their possession.  She eyes are like flames of fire; which can burn fire in any man.  She’s sexy with smarts.  Eric has glimpse at her picture for time to time.

We were like sisters as we shared each other secrets  but now are enemies ready to kill each other for a simple cause; which I don’t know what.

As we grew up, Fire would visit me in New York and I would visit her on the Navajo Land in Arizona.  Rebecca is black with an old old soul and she married a Native American medicine man named Sani.  As I was told, Sani is the father of Fire and her brothers and sisters name Water, Earth and Wind. He is not the father of Fire’s older sister name Spirit and it shows.

Spirit is a white, red headed woman with a nasty temper.  Her eyes are cold as ice and her skin is thick.  Emotion doesn’t travel with her. One thing she knows about is being a drama queen with flare.  It’s hilarious but also deadly. I love her from a distance.

Rebecca’s family are creatures of the night with a special gift, I wish I had.

Will Fire and I be friends again, I don’t know.  I miss her so much, my heart hurts.

I don’t know what happen and why she sent me a letter filled with hate and hurt?

Why my mother hates Rebecca?

I’m not racist and I do have black friends at my school.

Anyway, I am avoiding Simon Peter like the plague.

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