THIRTEEN – The Saxton Family Secrets

Max was at school looking  like a sick goth as ever with his new yellow eyes.  Bright yellow.  Why?  I don’t know.

At lunch, I sat next to him but he was being himself as usual, not talking.

“What the hell do you want?” He asked.

“I saw that you were by yourself, so I wanted to join you,” I said.

“Bull, you want to know something. I DON’T HAVE F ANSWERS TO YOUR STUPID QUESTIONS.  LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE,” he said and left.

Max just walked off and left me in the lunch alone as our classmates stared at him.  He didn’t care.  When he left the lunch room, he flipped his middle finger to the world and our family.

K came running toward me and spoke a mile a minute toward her reaction to the Max flip.  As she talked, I thought about another rumor that has floated around.  Whispers stating Max is different.

Max don’t believe in faith like his family. He had to see to have faith; which means he doesn’t have any faith in God or anything.  He’s an island to himself, who beats to his own drum.

Ok, I need to say this, Max smells different.  He doesn’t smell like me or my brother.  I know, it’s strange but true.  He has a different smell.

Am I weird?  What is wrong with me?



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