FOUR — The Saxton Family Secrets

I don’t understand Max. What’s the hell is up with him? He’s so depressing and I just don’t get it. But, lately he has been creepy.

He has always been pale, but now is looks more like death than life. He looks like he put white power all over his body like to make a fashion statement. I don’t get it.

He looks like a hungry hippy bum or those 99 percent people.

I wonder what’s wrong with him. He doesn’t seems like himself. What’s wrong?

He’s has never been like his sisters and brothers. For some reason, his brothers and sisters know the future, writes about the past and believes what will happen next. In other words, they have deep faith in what they believe and they are always right. Tarots cards are nothing to them, it’s all about feelings and what they see in their minds. Max lacks that.

Max always needed to see the proof before faith. He’s like the black sheep of the family. Strange and different.

Now, he is just weird.

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